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quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2012

Jesus can change your life story

Jesus can change your life story
Text (Mark 10:46-52) "Then they came to Jericho. And he went out of Jericho with his disciples and a great crowd, Bartimaeus, the blind son of Timaeus, sat by the highway side begging. And hearing that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry, and say, Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me. And many charged him to be quiet, but he cried the more, Son of David! have mercy on me. And Jesus stood and said to call him, and called the blind man, saying, Be of good cheer, stand up, he calls you. And he, casting away his garment, rose, and came to Jesus. And Jesus, talking, told him: What do you do that? The blind man said unto him, Master, I have seen. And Jesus said unto him, Go, thy faith hath made thee whole. And soon she saw, and followed Jesus along the way. "


Whatever problem you're facing, I want to say that for all their troubles and all your problems exitem solutions. All is not lost, you can believe in Jesus, only Jesus has the power to change the history of his life. No matter the degree of difficulty, the only thing that will make a difference to their faith. Believe BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS THAT THE POISSÍVEL Believe, believe in the miracle that Jesus can operate. Jesus told his disciples: Behold, medado all power in heaven and on earth. Then lift your head and believe in the miracle of God in your life. Let's learn some biblical pasagem this feature, as the blind Bartimaeus reached milagrer in your life? We will see some attitudes that made all the difference in the lives of blind Bartimaeus.

First Attitude


As Bartimaeus, there are many people who in one way or another, are experiencing very difficult situations. Bartimaeus had a problem, the problem of blind Bartimaeus was not simplesmenste the fact that he could not see, plus all the inconvenience that this issue was creating in your life. Blind Bartimaeus lived margin of lower social class, ie, he was besides being blind beggar, was despresado, humiliated and was destined to live like this for the rest of his life. I believe that Bartimaeus was tired of living in this situation, the more he wanted most was being able to see and return to the middle of society and lead a normal life like everyone else, and have the respect due him. Bartimaeus every day if placed by the road in the port city of Jericho for begging, it was the only thing he did every day, get humiliated and begging for people to help him. I have for sure in his heart, Bartimaeus was not satisfied with everything that was happening in his life, the more he could do to change your hitória? We will see that view of the uncertainties of life, there is always hope for those who believe that Jesus can solve your problem. When Bartimaeus heard the sound of a large crowd, he asked who was going, and people said that it was Jesus of Nazareth who was possando. Then it started hailing, "JESUS, SON OF DAVID, HAVE MISERICÓRIA ME". People talked to him for to cry, to scream at him to, because in the middle of that crowd and all that noise, Jesus was not listening to their cry and Bartimaeus was bothering him, harassed those people. Everyone wanted to stay close to Jesus, many wanted to receive miracles in their lives. All that crowd could see the miracles that Jesus operated more Bartimaeus could not see, he could not get up car to follow Jesus in the crowd, because if he tried, the crowd certainly could hurt him, there was a more Bartimaeus could do something, and he did. Bartimaeus began to acclaim: "JESUS, SON OF DAVID, HAVE MERCY". The more people rebuked him, more and more, he cried, Bartimaeus did not give up, he believed that Jesus could solve your problem. Here I see an attitude that makes much difference in the lives of people who are looking for, and who is hoping for a miracle, and this difference is: "Do not worry people, most striking of Jesus into your life, and the problems they are facing Vode "Bartimaeus called Jesus' attention, and while the people he sent calacar, where he cried louder. Only Bartimaeus sage of his suffering, he knew only of their difficulty, only he knew the their pain, only he understood their limitations, people were not feeling what he was feeling, people were not sofrerndo as he was suffering, then, Bartimaeus is not led astray by the crowd, he was silent, he did not get up emborar and was sadder, Bartimaeus took a pocisão, he believed that Jesus had power and authority to change the history of his life. Bartimaeus realized that this opportunity could be the last of his life. So what could he do? Hear the crowd ? Or that he needed to believe that Jesus could solve your problem. Jesus has the power to change the story of your life, you know the pain you are feeling, you know the difficulties you have, your problems you may even be stifling the more I name Jesus, I want to tell you, do not give in before the fight, before the race, before the difficulties, at the enfemidades, however terrible they may be, however difficult it is, you must believe that Jesus can solve your problem, God wants operates a miracle in you, God wants to work a miracle in your famílha, God wants to work a miracle in your house, O Lord Jesus who erate a miracle in your life, or in its employment, God wants to work a miracle in your financial life, the Lord to perform a miracle of restoration in their married life, God wants to do a miracle in their material life, God's blessing to your spiritual life. No matter what your problem, no matter the size of the difficulty you are facing, your God is greatest, Jesus has the power to change the history of his life, he has power to work a great miracle, the more you need to call the attention of Jesus, for your life, for their problems, cry for him, call him, this time to declare and confess with your lips: "JESUS, SON OF DAVID, HAVE MISERICÓRIA ME" I believe I am delivered from this evil, I I think I'm cured, I believe I am cured, I believe that all the problems I'm going through, will fall down, because Jesus is already coming into my life now to change my life and put a stop to this suffering, God will change your luck, the Lord Jesus will set you free from this bondage. Reseba this hour, in the name of Jesus, healing, receive the name of Jesus liberation by complete restoration in all areas of your life. Jesus has power to reverse this situation, the more you need to put yourself under the strong and powerful hand of the Lord, you must believe that the Lord can solve your problem. Believe only, and do not let doubt come take you away from your victory. Declare me this time: The victory is already mine in Jesus' name, my blessing has arrived, I determine the name of Jesus, that nothing will stop me from taking my victory. CREI Jesus I can solve my problem, so I I cry out, "JESUS, SON OF DAVID, HAVE ME Mercy."

Second Attitude


Bartimaeus did not waiver from his goal when he heard that Jesus was there, he made a decision, he began to call the master, Bartimaeus cried out: "Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me." people sent him to cry out, the more he would not hearken to the voice of the crowd. He did not care and did not care, or give credit for things that people were talking to him, the more he shouted, "JESUS, SON OF DAVID, HAVE MERCY ON ME." My brothers and sisters, young and church of the Lord Jesus, sometimes the enemy to steal your victory, your opponent will do anything to prevent that Jesus will bless you. Even in the midst of the church, can exister people who can hurt you, or take his attention from the service, to talk with you at the time of the message, others do not want to stay on your side because you glorify all, and end up talking for you to be quiet, or quietly you glorify, not imcomodá them. Others are fugiqueiros, linguarudos, gossip that has nothing to do and end up stumbling blocks, sometimes these things can harm us, because we can be sad and this will be detrimental to our spiritual life. Also within the family, the enemy may use one to cool to our faith. How long have you been with this problem? If so far you have not heard you, I believe he will not hear you anymore, I think the problem may be in this church that you attended, or if not, is because God is not the slightest bit interested in your problem, give this path, that has no future, that will not improve anything. Can you imagine if Bartimaeus had listened to the crowd? Surely he would have died blind. More Bartimaeus preferred to choose the right path, and the track was still crying out to Jesus to answer to their cry. You have to be objective when you enter the presence of God you must believe that Jesus really is the solution to your life. You have to be objective set, ie, definite plans, rather than types of plans: I will not give ear to the words to the contrary, the more I'm going to pray without ceasing, I will get non-stop, I will cry for the mercies of the Lord, I will put on track, will be targeted to be hit by the blessing of the Lord. Be objective, do like Bartimaeus, he believed that Jesus be able to solve his problem, he did not listen to the voice of the crowd, the more he kept insisting until you receive abenção. Whatever your problem, whatever your pain, whatever your struggle, whatever their adversity, not hearing the voice of the crowd does not care about things that people penção about you, do not worry about the problem, more remains firm in purpose and never forget: who insists reaches abenção.

Third Attitude


Everything was negative in the life of Bartimaeus, the circumstances was not the best. Bartimaeus had a problem, he suffered with this problem, was humiliated, despresado, served as chocarrisse for people living away from conviviu isolated from society, and the only thing that remained was to stand by the roadside on the edge of walks, asking alms. Many passed him, some one gave alms, mocked and humiliated another blind Bartimaeus, so much so, that when Jesus was leaving Jericho, the people who were with Jesus, some began to rebuke him, stop crying, the teacher does not will hear you, or that Jesus is going to worry about a poor blind man miserable? Not that that poor man had a right to do, besides all the suffering people would claim that he was keeping the Lord's mercy. For Bartimaeus, was destined and reserved dressing to cover the shame, humiliation, discredit, suffering. Even if your problem was too big, he never lost hope, he had an immense desire in his heart, and as much as the days passed, this man stood firm. When he learned that his life could change, he exitou, he lost no opportunity, he believed that Jesus be able to free him from evil, he believed that Jesus could solve your problem, so he cried: "Jesus, son David, have mercy on me. " Jesus was surrounded by a large crowd, many of which were at his side were interested in receiving some miracle, more in the middle of that crowd, Jesus heard the voice, the voice of an aggrieved person, a person who called him with faith, with confidence, believing that he truly was the Son of God. Jesus stopped and ordered trousessem this man to his presence. Bartimaeus was crying when someone derrepende chamau and said, "have good courage, rise up the master heard you he calls you." Bartimaeus stood up immediately and perhaps a desperate gesture, he took upon himself the cloak of shame, the cover of derrrota and threw on the floor. Then they carried him and took him to The presence of Jesus. Now is the time that he hoped so, he was waiting for many years. Jesus looked at him when he asked: "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME YOU DO?" Bartimaeus answered: I WANT TO SEE LORD "JESUS ​​REPONDEU: SEE YOU SAVED YOUR FAITH. At the same time the man who was blind came to see and followed Jesus. Look, God is talking to you, stop looking at the circumstances, quit looking for trouble, quit looking for provblemas more Jesus is calling you to you look at it now, not the same as that crowd was looking at him, just at a glance without purpose, a look without a shred of faith, but if this time you believe that God is bigger than your problems and trust your heart and put your faith and trust in your Lord, and believe and not doubt, make sure: God will help you, the Lord will come upon you and there will be no evil and no problem will prevent you from receiving your victory. The master is here and calls you, be of good cheer rises from his seat now, Jesus is calling you to your mudor hitória at the hour of victory came, God will change this cloak of humiliation, this cover of defeat by a cover of blessing and victory. Receive, receive the anointing of healing, to receive the anointing of deliverance, receive the anointing that will make all the difference in your life, your life will never be the same, because today, Jesus is mundado thy captivity, all his suffering, all your creditors if you cry, and have faith, today's victory came in his life. Circunstânicas No matter what, even if their problems are too big, trust in the Lord release today it will do wonders among voice, your victory has come, today the Lord is the story of his mundane life, contemplates the angel of win bringing his blessing now my brother, my sister now, Church of Jesus Christ, the Lord is pouring the anointing of providence, believe, and now here comes into possession your blessing, victory is yours is the people of God. Extend your hands now in a position to receive, I can determine the authority of Jesus' name, receive the key to victory now, all evil fall to the ground, the whole spiritual power of darkness I reprendo this person's life. and in the name of the Lord Jesus, you will no longer power apricionar this life, the handcuffs and chain breaks are now, the prison doors are being opened in your life now, the enemy will no longer be able to prevent its win, get, get your release, receive your blessing in the name of Jesus, the ecclesiastical authority, as minister of the Lord, I bless you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen, Lord Jesus.


Bartimaeus could have continued living in the state it was for the rest of your life, no more, he peferir fight against all adversity, he preferred not to give ear to the crowd, the more they sought a solution that had the power to change story of his life. Apredemos with Bartimaeus: What we need to believe that Jesus has the power to solve our problem. Do not give up on your goals, do not care about the things that people talk to you but keep insisting, insisting it reaches abenção. Whether the circumstances are adverse, even if their problems are too big, relies on the release of the Lord your God has the power to change the history of his life.

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